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Basic information Supplier:FC CZECH, s. r. o., Ohradní 1424, 140 00 Praha 4 Company is enlisted in the Register of Companies in Municipal Court in Prague, section C, enclosure Nr. 90330. The supplier is a VAT payer. Company Identification Number: 26733617Tax Identification Number: CZ26733617(hereafter "supplier") Contact Telephone: 261 099 341Fax: 261 099 343 Email: Personal Collection point: FC CZECH, s. r. o., Ohradní 1440/2a, 140 00 Praha 4 Goods ordering The list of goods published on e-shop is a catalogue of commonly supplied goods. Supplier does not guarantee instant availability of all items. The goods availability will always be confirmed based on request. Customer chooses products, fills in the order form and sends the order. Sent order is a proposal of business contract. The order then serves for goods reservation. Prices can be verified at particular items. Shipping cost prices can be checked in the Transport page. Before the order is sent, the total price including the connected fees will be calculated. Order cancellation Both, customer and supplier can without explanation cancel the customer order up to the point when the order is confirmed by the supplier. If the order is canceled by the supplier, the reason why the order cannot be confirmed is usually given. Order cancellation after the sale agreement is closed is possible only after previous agreement between the supplier and customer, under the terms they both agree with. Goods expedition Obligatory supplier´s order confirmation is requested in addition to purchase contract if ordered goods is going to be sent to the customer by delivery service company. Obligatory supplier´s order confirmation is done in an electronic way, named as "order confirmation", or by a phone call with the customer. Automaticaly generated order acceptance to the system is not obligatory supplier´s order confirmation. Purchase contract is closed by order confirmation. Avoidance of contract Customer is entitled to avoid the contract in such a case when the supplier does not fulfill agreed conditions of delivery. Customer, who does not buy goods within his business activities, is according to § 53, parag. 7 and § 54 of the Civil Code allowed to avoid the contract within 14 days from the date of receiving goods. Supplier´s right to avoid contract Supplier is allowed to avoid the contract only up to the point of sending the goods to the cutomer and only in a case of nonavailability of the goods or distinct change of goods price. Supplier is, though, always obliged to contact the customer before the avoidance of contract and make an agreement about following process. Procedure in a case of avoidance of contract According to the fact, that in case of avoidance of contract, the purchase contract is canceled from the very beginning, the supplier returns or compansates to the customer and customer to the supplier all accepted performances. If customer received and took over the goods, this is sent back to the supplier´s address, where the supplier without unnecessary delay checks the state of returned goods. If the goods is returned to the supplier in other than undamaged state, the customer is obliged to compensate especially the cost connected with the goods repair and incurred loss (incomplete content, damaged packing, goods depreciation, etc). Supplier is in the case of avoidance of contract obliged to return the paid purchase price or its part. Consumer´s personal data protection Supplier collects personal data of the customers with their agreement. These are name, address, telephone number and email address. This data are used mainly for processing of the customers´ orders in the future. If the customer agrees, the supplier is allowed to inform the customer by email or by phone about the new arrivals, offers, adverts and offer participation in questionnaires and market researches. Personal data of the customers are not forwarded to other subjects. Customer´s personal data that are kept and processed by supplier can by changed by the customer anytime. The agreement with keeping and processing of the personal data or with the sending of business information can be called by the customer anytime by sending an email message to or informs the supplier by phone. Final agreement These business conditions are valid for all purchase contracts closed between supplier and customer. Supplier reserves a right to change the business conditions.